Although her appearance is specialized for luring any human victim, her real form is considered more savage than the so-called ‘pin-up lady’ depiction of a typical Succubus. Her curiosity often leads to naive decision making. As a result, causing accidents that would have been avoidable in the first place, which fortunately for her durability is higher than a human being.  Narcissistic is what best describes her personality. To add further, having unpredictable aggression always comes in handy (from fighting or throwing the occasionally dangerous tantrums).

Arnacho (“Jerry”)
A human with a nonsensical name to establish a part of his appearance, he is easily described by casual citizens as an ‘anarchist try hard with a short temper’. Although his pessimistic and sarcastic attitudes are part of his personality, he’ s very prone to acting like a fuckwit in certain life-threatening situations. Yet, his agility, which along with using favourable firearms such as pistols, benefits him with evasion and quickly getting away from overwhelming danger.

Attention viewers and followers

I have now extended to my Wordpress site where there will be some works the same as on here, but with more sketch works that will be restricticted to the new site.

Although the site is new and a bit empty at the moment, all of the new works will go there and on Tumblr. Any of my art posted before 15th June would be Tumblr only works.

I will still use my Tumblr, but mostly to show completed works and there are possibilities that some of the old art will be remove for the constant changes in my art style (and possible remakes for improvement comparisons).

For upcoming works: